Mosby's Trigger Point Flip Chart with Referral Patterns and Stretching

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Each page includes 6-8 full-color illustrations that show trigger points and referral patterns to aid in treating clients. Plus, specific stretches for each muscle help you treat and educate patients more effectively. With a built-in cardboard stand, this flip chart is ideal for use in practice or in the classroom.

Convenient spiral-bound design, built-in cardboard stand, and heavy, oversized stock pages make it easy to display in a classroom or office setting.
UNIQUE! Full-color illustrations show muscles, trigger points, referral patterns, and stretching in vibrant detail.
Drawings demonstrating the locations of trigger points and pain referral patterns on each muscle help you successfully assess and treat trigger points.
UNIQUE! Illustrations show specific stretches for each muscle to help you effectively treat muscle injuries and educate on self-care.
Spacious design in large format allows enough space on each page for entire muscle groups to be shown together with corresponding stretching illustrations ? perfect for use in the practice setting.
UNIQUE! Combined with The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual with Trigger Points, Referral Patterns, and Stretching textbook and flashcards, this flip chart provides a complete set of tools and resources for muscle assessment and treatment.


Introduction Section 1: Muscles of the Head Section 2: Muscles of the Neck Section 3: Muscles of the Shoulder Girdle Section 4: Muscles of the Arm Section 5: Muscles of the Forearm Section 6: Muscles of the Hand Section 7: Muscles of the Trunk Section 8: Muscles of the Pelvis Section 9: Muscles of the Thigh Section 10: Muscles of the Leg Section 11: Muscles of the Foot

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Author Joseph E Muscolino
Publication Date 5 Dec 2008
Publisher Mosby
Number of Pages 32
Book Format Poster
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