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MycoNutri Organic Chaga

MycoNutri Organic Chaga

Japanese name - Kabanoanatake
Chinese name - Bai Hua Rong / Hua Jie Kong Jun
English name - Chaga

Chaga is a traditional folk remedy in Russia and eastern Europe. As well as beta-glucans and other polysaccharides, it contains high levels of betulinic acid derivatives and other phenolic compounds with strong anti-oxidant activity.

Available in Capsules and Powder.

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Product Name Price Quantity
MycoNutri Organic Chaga (200gms powder)
£99.95 £83.29 ex VAT As low as: £84.96
  • Buy 3 for £70.80 (£84.96 incl. tax) each and save 15%
MycoNutri Organic Chaga (60 caps)
£20.95 £17.46 ex VAT As low as: £17.81
  • Buy 3 for £14.84 (£17.81 incl. tax) each and save 16%

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