Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction The Trigger Point Manual: The Upper Half of Body

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Volume 1, The Upper Half of the Body, is designed primarily to bring aid to one of the most common patient complaints - myofascial pain. It is an excellent resource for today’s health care environment. Combines concise text and clear illustrations that show how to identify pain sources (trigger points) quickly by signs and symptoms.

Volume 1: Upper Half of Body



  1. Glossary
  2. General Overview
  3. Apropos of all Muscles
  4. Perpetuating Factors

Head and Neck Pain

  1. Overview of Head and Neck Region
  2. Trapezius Muscle
  3. Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
  4. Masseter Muscle
  5. Temporalis Muscle
  6. Medial Pterygoid Muscle
  7. Lateral Pterygoid Muscle
  8. Digastric Muscle and Other Anterior Neck Muscles
  9. Cutaneous I: Facial Muscles (Orbicularis Oculi, Zygomaticus Major, Platysma, and Buccinator)
  10. Cutaneous II: Occipitofrontalis
  11. Splenius Capitis and Splenius Cervicis Muscles
  12. Posterior Cervical Muscles: Semispinalis Capitis, Longissimus Capitis, Semispinalis Cervicis, Multifidi, and Rotatores
  13. Suboccipital Muscles: Recti Capitis Posteriores Major and Minor, Obliqui Inferior and Superior

Upper Back, Shoulder, and Arm Pain

  1. Overview of Upper Back, Shoulder, and Arm Region
  2. Levator Scapulae Muscle
  3. Scalene Muscles
  4. Supraspinatus Muscle
  5. Infraspinatus Muscle
  6. Teres Minor Muscle
  7. Latissimus Dorsi Muscle
  8. Teres Major Muscle
  9. Subscapularis Muscle
  10. Rhomboid Major and Minor Muscles
  11. Deltoid Muscle and Arm Region
  12. Coracobrachialis Muscle
  13. Biceps Brachii Muscle
  14. Brachialis Muscle
  15. Triceps Brachii Muscle (and the Anconeus)

Forearm and Hand Pain

  1. Overview of Forearm and Hand Region
  2. Hand Extensor and Brachioradialis Muscles
  3. Finger Extensor Muscles: Extensor Digitorum and Extensor Indicis
  4. Supinator Muscle
  5. Palmaris Longus Muscle
  6. Hand and Finger Flexors in the Forearm: Flexores Carpi Radialis and Ulnaris, Flexores Digitorum Superficialis and Profundus, Flexor Pollicis Longus (and the Pronator Teres)
  7. Adductor and Opponens Pollicis Muscles (Trigger Thumb)
  8. Interosseous Muscles of the Hand, Lumbricals, and Abductor Digiti Minimi

Torso Pain

  1. Overview of Torso Region
  2. Pectoralis Major Muscle (and the Subclavius)
  3. Pectoralis Minor Muscle
  4. Sternalis Muscle
  5. Intercostal Muscles and the Diaphragm
  6. Serratus Anterior Muscle
  7. Serratus Posterior Superior and Inferior Muscles
  8. Thoracolumbar Paraspinal Muscles
  9. Abdominal Muscles


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Author Simons and Travell
Publication Date 1 Jan 1999
Publisher Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Number of Pages 1056
Book Format Hardback
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