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Welcome to our Chinese medicine and acupuncture research news pages. We add to the content of these pages continuously as more research news comes in. Browse through the complete archive below or use the category links on the right.

Please note that the most twenty recent research archive items are free to view but access to the thousands of items in the archive require a journal subscription.

Stimulation of Hegu L.I.-4 can reduce pain in children during dental anaesthetic injection ...

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American scientists have reported the identification of two substances in dried licorice root (Gan Cao, Radix Glycyrrhizae) that are capable of killing bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

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An Austrian research group has shown that auricular acupuncture can be used to effectively reduce anxiety in patients awaiting dental treatment.

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Having acupuncture before dental treatment can reduce patients’ anxiety, according to Swedish authors. Eight dentists (all members of the British Dental Acupuncture Society) submitted case reports. Twenty patients, all in their 40s, had experien


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