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Ashi (trigger point) acupuncture is as effective as local anaesthetic injections in reducing symptoms of abdominal myofascial pain syndrome (AMPS). Women with a diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain (CPP) secondary to AMPS were randomised to treatment with either ashi acupuncture (performed once a week for 10 weeks), or local anaesthetic injections (performed once a week for four weeks). Women underwent active trigger point palpation on the abdominal wall, and either acupuncture needles or lidocaine injections were then inserted into the specific sites of pain. Patients were re-evaluated one week following the end of the treatment course, and again at one, three, and six months post-treatment. Acupuncture treatment proved to be as effective as the local anaesthetic injection treatment with respect to reducing clinical pain at all evaluation points, with no significant difference observed between the intervention groups.

Ashi Acupuncture Versus Local Anesthetic Trigger Point Injections in the Treatment of Abdominal Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Randomized Clinical Trial Pain Physician. 2020 Sep;23(5):507-518.