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Chinese researchers report that moxibustion, particularly when applied premenstrually, appears to be an effective treatment for primary dysmenorrhoea (PD). In a randomised trial, 208 patients were allocated to three groups: one premenstrual treatment group (Group A), one menstrual-onset treatment group (Group B), and one waiting-list group (Group C). Groups A and B received the same intervention of moxibustion at bilateral Sanyinjiao SP-6 and Guanyuan REN-4 at different times of the menstrual cycle. Moxibustion was performed once a day for 10 minutes at each of the three points (30 minutes total). Three continuous courses of moxibustion of five to seven days each were conducted over three continuous monthly menstrual cycles, with a further three months of follow-up. Group C, the waiting-list group, received no treatment. The results showed that, compared with no treatment, both groups that received moxibustion showed significant improvements in pain relief and emotional distress. The effects of premenstrual moxibustion were superior to moxibustion during menstruation for all PD-related symptoms measured: duration, severity and intensity of pain, as well as anxiety and depression. These benefits were found to be sustained until the end of the three month follow-up stage.

Moxibustion for Patients with Primary Dysmenorrhea at Different Intervention Time Points: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J Pain Res. 2020 Oct 19;13:2653-2662.