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Electro-acupuncture (EA) can reduce symptoms and improve quality of life in women with urge incontinence, according to Chinese investigators. One hundred and seventy-eight women with urgency-predominant mixed urinary incontinence (MUI) were randomised to receive either 12 weeks of EA treatment (three times a week) plus 24 weeks of follow-up, or 36-weeks of pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) plus solifenacin (a cholinergic receptorantagonist). In the EA group, needles were inserted at Zhongliao BL-33 and Huiyang BL-35, before application of electrical stimulation (10/50 Hz, 0.1–5.0 mA for 30 minutes). Clinical response to treatment was defined as at least 50% reduction in average 24-hour urgency incontinence episode frequency. Clinical response rates were similar in the two groups (45.78% in the EA group, and 50.0% in the PFMT-solifenacin group). In both groups, incontinence scores, episodes of urination, nocturia and urgency, amount of urinary leakage, proportion of patients using pads and number of pads used were all decreased at 12 weeks, and these effects were sustained at 36 weeks. Fewer adverse events also occurred in the EA group.

Electroacupuncture for women with urgency-predominant mixed urinary incontinence: secondary analysis of a randomized noninferiority trial. World J Urol. 2019 Jun 3