Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Gain Lifelong Vitality (The Tao of energy enhancement series)

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Completely revised and expanded. This seminal book has inspired thousands to take up chi gung/qigong. There are new chapters on breathing, sinking the chi and the 16-part nei gung system. Another chapter compares chi gung/qigong and yoga and shows how chi gung/qigong can enhance sports performance. Includes a comprehensive exercise program with detailed illustrations and a complete chi gung/qigong set you can practice at home. These exercises can help you maintain good health, reduce stress, improve flexibility and slow the aging process. Companion CD also available.


Note to the Reader

Foreword: Who is Bruce Kumar Frantzis?
Hong Kong: In Search of the Elusive Chi Power
Beijing: The Grandmaster Liu Hung Chieh
New York City: The First Training Ground
Tokyo: The Path through Aikido
Taiwan: The Astonishing Wang Shu-Jin
India: Meditation as Chi Cultivation
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Poona, Beijing: From Consummate Fighter to Consummate Healer
Denver: The Crisis of Self-Healing
Beijing Again: The Final Lesson with Liu

Chi and Chi Gung
China's 3000-Year-Old System of Self-Healing
The Coming Medical Crisis in the West
The Chi Gung Solution to China's Medical Crisis
The Benefits of Chi Gung vs. Western-Style Exercise
You Can Teach Chi Gung to Your Friends

CHAPTER 1 How Chi Gung Works
The Internal Mechanics: Chi Gung and Body Health
The Process of Awakening Chi in Your Body
Taoist and Western Psychotherapy Compared
Cultivate Your Chi Slowly and Safely

CHAPTER 2 Chi Gung Therapy
The Gap between Chi Gung as It Is Taught in China and the West
The Challenge of the Chinese Language Barrier
The Challenge of Transplanting Chinese Cultural Ideas
Traditional Chi Gung and Nei Gung - What's the Difference?
The Internal Martial Arts: Tai Chi, Hsing I and Ba Gua
Three Levels of Chi Gung: Body, Chi and Mind
Body Synergy Increases Your Reservoir of Chi
The Importance of Preserving Your "Life Capital"
Your Core Reserve of Energy is Critical
The Components of Standing
Do Not Skip Steps in Chi Gung Training
The Core Exercises

CHAPTER 3 The Standing Posture: Dissolving Body, Chi and Mind
Lesson One: Body Mechanics
Lesson Two: Scan Your Energy Body
Lesson Three: The Chi Dissolving Process

CHAPTER 4 Opening the Energy Gates of the Body
What Are the Energy Gates?
Important Major and Minor Gates of the Body
Opening the Gates: A Lesson Plan
Guidelines for the Practice of Standing Chi Gung

CHAPTER 5 Cloud Hands: Rooting the Lower Body
Cloud Hands Is the Most Complete Chi Gung Movement
Instructions for the Cloud Hands Movement
Mechanics of the Joints

CHAPTER 6 Cloud Hands: Spiraling the Upper Body
The Spine Connects the Arms and the Legs
First Exercise: Connecting the Arms to the Spine
Second Exercise: Move the Elbow Joints to Activate the Spinal Pump
Third Exercise: Open the Hip Joint to Turn the Spine
Fourth Exercise: Sink One Side to Raise the Other
Fifth Exercise: "Spinning Silk" with the Arms and Legs

CHAPTER 7 The First Swing
The Swings Energize Vital Organs and Joints
Instructions for the First Swing
The Core Energy

CHAPTER 8 The Second Swing
The Second Swing Strengthens the Liver and Spleen, Dissolves Stress
The Challenge: Shift Weight and Turn at the Kwa
Instructions for the Second Swing

CHAPTER 9 The Third Swing
The Third Swing Invigorates Chi in the Upper Body
Use More Pumping Motion in the Hip Fold Joint (Kwa)
Instructions for the Third Swing
The Third Swing Is, in Effect, a Four-Part Leg Exercise
Preparatory Arm Exercises for Swing Three
Exercise One: Rotate Arm and Shoulder
Exercise Two: Raise Arms and Let Them Fall Freely
Exercise Three: Partner Tests if Your Arms Flop Freely
The Third Swing is a Five Part Movement
Guidelines for the Third Swing

CHAPTER 10 The Tai Chi Spinal Stretch
A Supple Spine Is The Backbone of Good Health
The Spine Warmups
The Spine Stretch: First Half
Raising the Spine to Strengthen It
The Spinal Stretch: Second Half
Guidelines for Practicing The Tai Chi Spinal Stretch

An Abundance of Chi Is Your Birthright
You Must Practice to Reap the Benefits

Appendix A Guidelines for Practice

Appendix B Searching for a Qualified Teacher
What to Look for in a Good Teacher,/p>

Appendix C The Importance of Correct Chi Gung Practice
Every Body is Different
Chi Travels through the Nerves
Safety Comparisons of Pranayama and Chi Gung
Learning Chi Gung in China
Taoists Stress the Spiritual Framework of Chi Gung
Comparing Chi Gung Systems
Discharging Energy
The Dangers of Forcing and Fast Results
Most Chi Gung is Safe

Appendix D Origin of the Material in This Book
Liu Hung Chieh's Education as a Taoist Master

Appendix E About the Romanization of Chinese Words in This Book

Appendix F The Taoist Energy System Taught by Bruce Kumar Frantzis
Master the Energy of the Body - Core Practices
Improve Your Physical and Emotional Health
Heal Others
Protect Yourself Against Physical Violence
Learn to Evolve Spiritually Toward the Tao
How You Can Learn More

More Information

B K Frantzis

North Atlantic Books, 1993

174 pages


Author B K Frantzis
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher North Atlantic Books
Number of Pages 174
Book Format Softback
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