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Organic Himalayan White Peony - 50g

Variety: white peony

Origin: Jasbire Village, Illam District, Nepal

Source: Sandakphu Organic Tea Farmers Co-operative

Harvest: Spring 2015

Altitude: 2000m 

 Taste: melon, young tender snow peas, delicately sweet

Pairings: fennel, shortbread, almonds

Brewing: 75-80˚, 3g (2 tsp) per 200 ml, 35 sec, 4-5 infusions.

Increase subsequent infusion times to taste.

Storage: dark and airtight container



Gaiwan / Artisan Press / Yixing or Glass Tea Pot

Warm and rinse your vessel and cups with boiled water. Place two teaspoons or 3g of tea into your vessel; a simple rule of thumb is that the leaves should generously cover the bottom. Add spring or filtered water at 75°- 80° or 2 minutes off the boil. Infuse for 35 seconds and pour into your cup(s). Remember to re-infuse 3-4 times and enjoy the evolution of taste as the leaves release their nutrients.



This tea can be made in a classic teapot, following the tradition of 1tsp per person and 1 for the pot. Add 85˚ spring or filtered water a minute off the boil and infuse for 3 minutes. It is delicious on its own or add our organic rose buds. 



This vibrant Himalayan tea hails from the Sandakphu Estate, which rests at the foothills of Sandakphu Peak, the highest in Illam, Nepal. This unique bio-diversified region produces distinctive teas because wild mountain herbs and fragrant flowers surround the tea fields.  The tea fields are glacier fed and rest at 2000m enhancing the rarity of character and purity of the tea. The estate is a co-operative, which is owned and operated by its farmers including many female supervisors. The estate was established in early the early 1990s. 




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