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Organic Oriental Beauty / Dongfan Meiren - 30g

  • Variety: Oolong 70% oxidisation
  • Origin: Guan Xi, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
  • Farmer: Wen Family
  • Trees: 85 years
  • Harvest: Summer 2015
  • Taste: honey fruit notes, woody, muscatel, hint of spice
  • Pairings: game, fruit pies, dark loaves
  • Brewing: 95˚, 3g (2 tsp) per 200 ml, 30 sec, 4-5 infusions. Increase subsequent infusion times to taste
  • Storage: dark and airtight container





This tea can be made in a classic teapot, following the tradition of 1tsp per person and 1 for the pot. Add 95˚ spring or filtered water and infuse for 5 minutes. This tea should be drunk on its own without milk or sugar.


Gaiwan / Artisan Press / Yixing Tea Pot

Warm and rinse your vessel and cups with boiled water. Place two teaspoons or 3g of tea into your vessel; a simple rule of thumb is that the leaves should generously cover the bottom. Add spring or filtered water at 75°- 80° or 2 minutes off the boil. Infuse for 30 seconds and pour into your cup(s). Remember to re-infuse 3-4 times, increasing steeping time to taste. Enjoy the evolution of taste as the leaves release their nutrients.



Dongfan Meiren is instantly distinctive; it is delicate, muscatel, and floral with a deep savoury note. Every time I have been to Taiwan over the past eight years I have visited the Wen Family who have been making tea for 3 generations, and are pioneers of organic farming in Taiwan. Mr. Wen’s grandfather started the farm in 1931 and Mr. Wen transferred it to organic 20 years ago. The tea is handpicked and sun dried with the final processing done by machine.


Oriental Beauty dates from the end of the 18th century when Taiwan started exporting its Oolong overseas. Legend holds that during the summer, the tea farmers would lose the majority of their harvest to swarms of small crickets and would not even bother to harvest the tea because the foreign tea traders usually turned down low quality tea. One farmer decided to harvest the bitten leaves and try his luck with John Dodd, an English tea trader who promoted Taiwan teas to the west. John was elated by the tea and ensured the delicious elixir made its way to Queen Victoria who named it ‘Oriental Beauty’ or ‘Dong Fang Mei Ren’.


It is a highly oxidised (70%) Oolong harvested from young leaves, in summer, just after they have been bitten by the tea jassid (a small cricket). This bite starts the oxidation of the leaves and adds the sweet and sour note that is so characteristic.




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