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Organic Tie Guan Yin - 30g

  • Variety: 70% Oxidised Oolong
  • Origin: Maokong Village, Taiwan
  • Farmer: Chang Ming Fong
  • Harvest: Spring 2016
  • Elevation: 700m
  • Taste: roasted honey, rich stone fruits, bright, nutty
  • Pairings: roasted squash, artichokes, lamb, dried apricots
  • Brewing: 95˚, 3g (2 tsp) per 200 ml, 30 sec, 4-5 infusions. Increase subsequent infusion times to taste
  • Storage: dark and airtight container



    Gaiwan / Artisan Press / Yixing Tea Pot

    Warm and rinse your vessel and cups with boiled water. Place two teaspoons or 3g of tea into your vessel; a simple rule of thumb is that the leaves should generously cover the bottom. Add spring or filtered water at 95° or just off the boil. Infuse for 30 seconds and pour into your cup(s). Remember to re-infuse 3-4 times, increasing steeping time to taste. Enjoy the evolution of taste as the leaves release their nutrients.



    An incredible roasted organic Tie Guan Yin from the boutique tea farm of Mr. Chang, a 3rd generation tea master in Maokong Taiwan. Mr. Chang has been farming organically for over 20 years. He was the first in his family to grow organically after recognising that the chemicals used on the teas were killing off the surrounding vegetation and insects. He said the key to farming organically is intuition and that you have to believe in what you are creating. He uses peanuts shells to aerate the soil and no fertilisers.


    I went to visit Mr. Chang’s small 5 acre garden this past Spring; it was beautiful to see the natural environment he has nurtured for tea cultivation. We sat and drank tea for hours, sampling some stunning Tie Guan Yin that he had been aging for 15 years. This particular tea is wonderful for keeping and its caramel flavours will only get richer as it ages.

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