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Restored Harmony: An Evidence Based Approach for Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Complementary Cancer Care

Restored Harmony: An Evidence Based Approach for Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Complementary Cancer Care

Restored Harmony weaves the science and art of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the conventional treatment for cancer. It takes the reader on a poetic journey through the diagnosis, therapeutic plan, and supportive care of patients with cancer. The author blends current scientific knowledge of mind-body medicine,psycho-neuro-immunology and quantum physics with the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, herbs, and energy medicine. The evidence for specific complementary therapies are clearly stated. A new model of holistic cancer care is presented in which the patient and all healthcare providers work together as a seamless system, focused on care of the body, mind, and spirit.


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JCM Review

"...this book is a fine and eloquent combination of modern science, ancient wisdom, and practical guidance, literate and accessible, as well as scientifically sound. I recommend it to all those who are concerned with creating more effective, humane, and comprehensive programs of cancer care." James S. Gordon, M.D.

Stephen Sagar is a radiation oncologist who became inspired by New Medicine "a patient-orientated medicine that recognizes the integration of the mind and body, the reality of spirit, and the pioneering soul of science to push forward the frontiers of medicine into new realms such as consciousness and quantum physics". This book is devoted to that end. The author has turned to Chinese medicine as a system that embodies some of these goals and suggests that TCM can support patients being treated for cancer by conventional western medicine through four major approaches: i. biological response modification, ii. improvement of psycho-neuro-immunological function, ii. improvement of symptom control, and iv. improvement of psycho-spiritual well being. Most of this short book is devoted to further exploration of these four goals, and combines an overview of the many ways in which Chinese medicine can benefit cancer patients, references to evidence-based studies, philosophical speculation, case histories and numerous apt quotations ' many from Daoist texts. My favourite is by Marcel Proust "We are healed of suffering only by experiencing it in full".

Although not a clinical manual, this book will be inspirational to anyone working to integrate mind-body medicine, especially Chinese traditional medicine, with conventional cancer care. For anyone specialising in either western or Chinese medicine it will offer helpful information about the other approach. There are a couple of very basic errors in the introduction to Chinese medicine (for example the statement that there are ten organs described by Chinese medicine ' the Liver and Bladder having mysteriously disappeared, and the reversal of direction of flow of the Governing and Conception vessels) but these do not detract from the value of the book.

Director, The Center for MindBody Medicine, Washington DC; Clinical Professor, Georgetown University School of Medicine; Chair of the Wnite House Commission on Complementary andAlternative Medicine Policy.

"This book is compelling reading for all those who look after cancer patients, regardless of whether they are healthcare professionals or lay family members. Cancer victims will also find it helpful and encouraging, and even 'hard nosed' researchers, like myself, can learn a great deal from it". Edzard Ernst M.D. Ph.D. F.R.C.P. (Edin.)

Professor, Department of Complementary Medicine, School of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter, United Kingdom. Author of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Desktop Reference.

"Restored Harmony skillfully blends Eastern and Western approaches to cancer in this compelling overview of the fascinating relationships emerging between Traditional Chinese Medicine, immunotherapy, psycho-neuro-oncology, complexity theory, and quantum physics. Dr. Sagar takes us on an inspired, thoughtful journey into mind-body medicine of the future." John Boik MAcOM

Author of Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy

"Stephen Sagar MD creates a symphony from the cacophony that cancer often creates. He shows how prevention of disease and restoration of the harmony of health can be achieved by correctly blending the advice of conventional and Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, we are blessed with an enlightened insider's view of cancer and its treatment". Mehmet Oz MD, MBA

Irving Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Cardiac Surgery at Columbia University in New York. Director of the cardiac assist device program and the complementary medicine program at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Author of Healing from the Heart.



Prefaceby Edzard Ernst MD, PhD, FRCP

Forewordby James S. Gordon MD


Chapter One

The Philosophy and Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    ' Mind-Body Integration

    ' Individual Uniqueness

    ' Mind as In-formation Transfer

    ' Communication Systems

    ' The Power of Healing

    ' The Main Components of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    ' Chinese Herbs

    ' Acupuncture

    ' Manipulation of Energy Flow

    ' The Clinical Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Chapter Two

    The Journey to an Integrative Care Plan:

    Rachel's Story

      ' Decision-Making

      ' A Holistic and Integrated Treatment Plan

      ' Enlightened Conventional Medicine

      ' Emotional Catharsis

      ' Supportive Care

      ' The Moral of the Story

    Chapter Three

    Cancer as a Systemic Disease

      ' Systems Theory

      ' The Body-Mind Network

      ' Communication Failure

      ' Chinese Herbs

      ' Acupuncture

    Chapter Four

    Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine into Cancer Supportive Care

      'Goals of Cancer Treatment

      ' More Questions than Answers

      ' Alchemy

      ' The Mystical Oncologist

      ' The Mystery and Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Chapter Five

    Biological Response Modification: A Balance of Yin and Yang

      ' Adjuvant Therapy and Therapeutic Gain

      ' Complementary Herbs

      ' Modulation of Tumor Response by

      ' Electro - acupuncture

      Chapter Six:

      Enhancement of Immunity

        ' The Immune System and Tumor Growth

        'Immune Deficiency

        'Inoculations, Coley's Toxins and Other Immuno - therapies

        'Terrain versus the Seed: The ImmuneEnhancing Herbs

        ' Terrain versus the Seed: Manipulation of the Immune Response with Acupuncture

        'The Hormone Balancing Act

      Chapter Seven


        ' Descartes is Dead

        ' Modern PsychoNeuro-Immunology: The State of the Art

        ' The Yellow Emperor's Version of PsychoNeuro-Immunology

        ' Who am I?

        ' The Embodied Mind The Autonomic Nervous System: A Balance of Yin and Yang

        ' The Heart of the Matter: Compassion and Electromagnetic Field Effects

        ' Possibilities, Probabilities and Divination Genetic Expression and the I Ching

        ' Dynamical Systems and Energy-Information Transfer

        ' Disrupted Harmony: Chaos and Cancer Psychological Repression and Physical Expression

        ' Psychological attitude, Stress, Depression and Clinical Outcome

        'Treatment of Depression with TCM

      Chapter Eight

      Cancer Prevention: Nutrition

        'Food for Thought

        'The Science of Chinese Nutrition

        'Individual Constitution and Nutrition

        'Nutritional Correction of Constitutional Imbalance

        'Nutritional Re-Balancing of the Organ Systems

        ' Nutrition, Immunity and Therapeutic Recipes

      Chapter Nine

      Symptom Control

        ' Symptoms of Cancer and Side-Effects of Anti -Cancer Therapies

        ' The Yellow Emperor's Point of View

        ' Management of Symptoms and Side-Effects with Herbal Formulae

        ' Management of Symptoms and Side-Effects with Acupuncture

      Chapter Ten

      Psycho-Spiritual Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Energy Therapies

        ' Vitalism

        ' Five-Element Func,tional Relationships

        ' Shen

        ' Spirit and Soul

        ' Change and Transition

        ' Chinese Psycho-Physiology

        ' Coping with Change

        ' Meditation, Breathing, and Inspiration

        ' Qi Gong

        ' Healing and Prayer

        ' Healing Touch Therapies:

        ' The Physics of Energy Transfer

      Chapter Eleven

      Restoring Harmony: Peter 's Story

        ' An Integrated Care Plan at Initial Diagnosis

        ' An Integrated Care-Plan at Recurrence

      Chapter Twelve

      Restored Harmony: Life Goes On

        ' Coping with Follow-Up Visits

        ' Riding the Dragon

        ' Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Partnership of Alchemy and Science

      Postscript: The Yellow Emperor's Dream

      Appendix A:Therapies

      Appendix B:Resources


      About theAuthor


      1. The Mind-Body-Energy System

      2. A Model for Integrating TCM into Cancer Supportive Care

      3. Heart Rate Variability and Power Spectrum Analysis

      4. The Relative Antioxidant Activity of Green Tea

      5. Treatment of Trismus with Acupuncture

      6. Acupuncture Points to Treat Xerostomia

      7. Five-Phase Interrelationships in TCM


AuthorStephen M. Sagar M.D.
PublisherDreaming Dragonfly Communications
Number Of Pages134
Book FormatSoftback
ISBN0 9689488 0 4

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