Ear Acupuncture: A Precise Pocket Atlas Based on the Works of Nogier/Bahr, 2nd Edition

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Praise for the First Edition:

This book is an excellent reference for acupuncturists...The illustrations are clear and anatomically precise.--acupuncture.com

Written by one of the world's leading experts on Western auriculotherapy, Ear Acupuncture -- now in a fully updated Second Edition -- provides readers with succinct descriptions of acupuncture points and practical advice on how to incorporate ear acupuncture treatment strategies and techniques into daily practice.

Based on the work of auriculotherapy masters Nogier and Bahr, each practical two-page unit is comprised of concise text on the left-hand side supplemented by clearly labeled line drawings on the right. Localization points indicated in color depict each specific reflex zone. In cases where localization is particularly difficult, helpful enlargements of the region in question allow for easy identification.


  • 360 high-quality drawings demonstrate key points and treatment options

  • Detailed coverage of nine new points, including the anger point, shen men point, super omega point, and more

  • Numerous cross-referenced indications tables allow quick access to needed information

This user-friendly guide is the ideal choice for students or teachers of acupuncture and pain management or for anyone involved in the practice of complementary medicine.

More Information

Suggestions are included for points or reflex zones that are difficult to find. This book concludes with a section on ear acupuncture treatments for various conditions including migraines, tension headaches, knee joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis of the hip joint, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, hayfever, allergic eczema, asthma, tonsilitis, IBS, hypertension, impotence, PMS, mentrual disorders, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and nicotine addiction.

Author Beate Strittmatter
Publication Date 12 Jan 2012
Publisher Thieme
Number of Pages 424
Book Format Softback
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