Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine

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The 7th edition of Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine is a thoroughly updated, reworked and revised new edition of the first-prize winner in the Medicine category in the BMA 2006 Medical Book Competition. It is the market-leading comprehensive and authoritative single-volume textbook of internal medicine, consulted by students and doctors alike throughout the world. Covering the management of disease, based on an understanding of scientific principles, and including the latest developments in treatment, it is written for medical students and doctors preparing for specialist exams, but it is an ideal general reference text for all practising doctors.

Key Features

Colour-coded chapters make the book attractive and easy to navigate.

Drawings and photographs bring the subjects to life.

Boxes and tables pull out and display important information.

Clear headings and a comprehensive index allow the reader to pinpoint information quickly and accurately.

The online version has been extended and updated as part of the Student Consult platform.
New to this Edition

Over 100 new illustrations.

Five new contributors.

Thoroughly updated, rewritten and revised to reflect changes in practice and approach.

Online version with extra content, including animations and sounds, and fuller treatments of regionally specific medical problems such as malaria, SARS, TB, viral haemorrhagic (dengue) fever, leprosy, snake bite etc.

Expanded input from the International Advisory Panel of experts from around the world, augmenting the book's international scope.

'This is one of a select few books that deserves to be in most doctors’ personal possession and it’s as simple as that. ...The book alone is worth the money but you get more than this when you purchase it. You get free on line access to the full text through http://www.studentconsult.com/ and this is marvellous. ... The beauty of this book lies in its wide appeal which includes students and post graduates, GPs and Consultants and those in the training grades. Having an online twin to accompany the book as standard is truly fantastic.' Dr Harry Brown

1 Ethics (Len Doyal) and communication (A Cushing and C Mallinson)
2 Molecular cell biology and genetic disorders (RK Iles)
3 The immune system and disease (M Peakman)
4 Infectious diseases, tropical medicine and sexually transmitted infection (RG Finch, WL Irving, P Moss and J Anderson)
5 Nutrition (M Elia)
6 Gastrointestinal disease (PD Fairclough and DBA Silk)
7 Liver, biliary tract and pancreatic disease (AK Burroughs and D Westaby)
8 Haematological disease (MF Murray, KJ Pasi and J Wainscoat)
9 Malignant disease (CJ Gallagher, TA Andrew Lister, MJ Johnson and A Davies)
10 Rheumatology and bone disease (M Shipley, A Rahman, D O'Grádaigh and JE Compston)
11 Renal disease (MM Yaqoob)
12 Water, electrolytes and acid-base balance (MM Yaqoob)
13 Cardiovascular disease (AJ Camm and N Bunce)
14 Respiratory disease (AJ Frew and ST Holgate)
15 Intensive care medicine (CJ Hinds and D Watson)
16 Drug therapy and poisoning (M Rawlins and JA Vale)
17 Environmental medicine (ML Clark, CRA Clarke and A Geddes)
18 Endocrine disease (TA Howlett and MJ Levy)
19 Diabetes mellitus and other disorders of metabolism (EAM Gale and JV Anderson)
20 The special senses (M Harries, F Vaz and S Verma)
21 Neurological disease (CRA Clarke)
22 Psychological medicine (Peter D White and AW Clare)
23 Skin disease (DG Paige)

More Information
Author Parveen Kumar and Michael Clark
Publication Date 5 Jun 2009
Publisher Saunders Ltd
Number of Pages 1446
Book Format Paperback
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