Cannabis, Brain Chemistry And Sleep Hygiene Strategies


Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs in our communities, however because of the stigma associated with drug use, people are often reluctant to seek help. Acupuncturists are in an ideal position to offer support. There is a wide range of cannabis products available and the risk of dependence varies depending on frequency of use, age of commencement, duration and route of administration and whether it is mixed with tobacco. For many people, cannabis provides a way to relax and for some, may be used to self medicate symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Withdrawing from cannabis is often accompanied by sleep disturbance and insomnia – a high risk for relapsing. Help patients achieve their goals with this important webinar.


Goals of this course:

◉ Understand the psychopharmacology of cannabis, cannabis products, hash oil, and skunk – and learn about the dangers associated with synthetic cannabinoid products “legal highs” such as Spice.

◉ Gain an awareness of easy to teach sleep hygiene strategies that can be used for all patients with sleeping problems

◉ Understand a western medical approach to the treatment of cannabis dependence and how acupuncture can play an essential role in relapse-prevention



Access Period: Lifetime

Provider: JCM On Demand

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