Dietary Factors In Health And Illness

People in developing countries face the greatest health crisis of recent memory: the rapidly increasing rates of those who are overweight or obese, with the closely associated increase in the incidence of diabetes. The combination of our poor eating habits plus the lack of exercise is creating serious health problems. In addition we are exposed to toxic chemicals in the food we eat, the plastic containers we store the food in, and the non-stick pots and pans we use for cooking. Our daily environment is surrounded with hazards we need to know about to safeguard our health and our longevity.

This webinar explores all of these problems and suggests some ways to deal with them.

Goals of the course:

After taking this webinar, attendees will
• Be aware of the severe crisis we face today regarding the rising rates of obesity and diabetes
• Understand how obesity is defined and measured
• Know how obesity predisposes us to many diseases
• Learn how to reduce weight and keep it off
• Know the many aspects of good nutrition

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