Understanding Geriatrics And Gerontology

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In this interesting seminar Dr. Robinson explores the impact of our aging population on society. He also discusses how one best goes about living a long and healthy life. He talks about the many changes that occur in the body when we age and what we can do to reduce or slow up these changes. The special challenges of treating the elderly are carefully considered, as well as the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the end of life.

Goals of the course:

After taking this seminar, the participant will-

• Understand the impact our aging population has on society, and how the elderly are treated
• Learn the fundamentals of what it takes to live a long and productive life (and possibly become a centenarian!)
• Know the changes that occur in the human body with aging
• Appreciate the special challenges of treating elderly people
• Understand the perplexing and yet all-important moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the end of life

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