The Heart Lock Theory

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Why would a practitioner benefit from learning the Heart Lock Theory? Our experiences are stored in our memories and reflexively in our bodies. Since the heart is the fulcrum of the energy flow through the body, it is easy to understand that experiences and events have a subtle effect on the way our hearts beat. The Heart Lock Theory can pinpoint the times in our life when we have suffered lasting damage, and provide clues to how these events are affecting our lives today. The Phytobiophysics Heart Lock Theory is a form of heart reflexology and is quite simply one of the most efficient methods of diagnosis.

The theory is simple, and yet extremely profound. It quickly and clearly enables the practitioner to understand the complex chain of events in a patient’s life, which conspire to make them ill. The theory offers the ability to create a map, presenting a time frame of who, how, what, and when the patient has been damaged and an ability to track back to discover the origin of their disease. This knowledge enables you to help your patient recover from even some of the most serious conditions.


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