Treating Children, Level 1: Foundations - Course 1

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Course Overview

This module is the first of a series that provides you with the essential tools to expand your acupuncture practice to include treating babies and children. The first lesson will cover the two basic types of child; Shi - exuberant children with plenty of energy and Xu - those who don’t have quite enough. This provides the foundations for understanding what illnesses a child may be predisposed to. Secondly, because good digestion is essential for healthy development of babies and children, "Accumulation Disorder" (congestion and overloading of the digestive system) will be addressed with reference to Spleen Qi deficiency. This module is a perquisite to all other modules which addresses specific health conditions.


Course Objectives

  • Have a greater understanding of how Shi and Xu constitutional types predisposes a child to certain illnesses and conditions.

  • Understand the role of digestion in the healthy development of babies and children.

  • Learn how Accumulation Disorder develops, the common causes, signs and treatment.

  • Understand how to differentiate Spleen Qi Xu and the appropriate course of treatment.


Access Period: Lifetime

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course

Provider: CPD Cert

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