Pathomechanisms of the Heart

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The Pathomechanisms series offers an in-depth analysis of the origins and disease progression for each of the zang organs of the body. These books not only lay the theoretical ground work, they are also supported by appropriate investigations of historical texts and modern medical research. To facilitate comprehension, sample formulas and herbs appropriate to each section of discussion are included.
Let us look for example at the first in the series of five, Pathomechanisms of the Heart. The first section of this text discusses repletion conditions of the heart, including qi stagnation, phlegm obstruction, blood stasis, heart repletion cold, heart repletion heat, dampness encumbering the heart, and water assailing the heart. The second section details vacuity conditions, including vacuity of heart qi, heart yang, heart blood, and heart yin
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Author Shi Lin Yan& Zheng Hua Li
Publisher Paradigm
Number of Pages 210
Book Format Softback
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