The Lung

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The five phase resonances of metal and lung as set out in Suwen chapter 5 are examined in detail, showing the movement of condensation and concentration through the west, dryness, acrid and so on, right up to the diffusion of qi and fluids at the level of skin and body hair.

The description of the lung as minister and chancellor in Suwen chapter 8 is discussed, as are its relationships with the seven po and the jing. The lung's mastery of qi is discussed fully with particular reference to the sea of qi in the chest, and to ancestral (zong), nutritive (ying) and defensive (wei) qi. Its roles as a 'canopy', as a leader, and as a judge are also presented,

An appendix summarizes the lung's functions and pathology, and an index is given for all Chinese characters and main concepts.

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Author Elisabeth de la Vallee
Publisher Monkey Press
Number of Pages 116
Book Format Softcover
Elisabeth Rochat: In Suwen chapter 8 the lung comes in second position just after the presentation of the heart. The heart is the lord and master and from him come all radiance and illumination of the spirits. Just after the heart, the lord and sovereign, comes the lung like a minister and chancellor, xiang fu. ...He stands beside the heart, and he masters qi. In mastering the qi he can propagate and diffuse all kinds of yin and yang qi and send them into circulation right up to the skin and body hair.
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