Ten Lectures on the Use of Chinese Formulas

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Ten Lecutures on the Use of Chinese Formulas, like Prof. Jiao's Ten Lectures on the Use of Chinese Medicinals is read by virtually every student of Chinese medicine in China. Prof. Jiao is not only a nationally-recognized master but also a teacher and author whose works are considered essential for the aspiring Chinese physician. Jiao Shu-De's theories and extensive knowledge of Chinese medicinals culminate in these lectures on formulas. Here Prof. Jiao moves beyond theory and provides us with the most practical and obtainable information for use in everyday clinical situations. Those who apply Jiao's knowledge to their own patients find the results to be outstanding. His work is an essential guide for answering the questions and solving the problems that clinicians face in everyday practice.

Jiao has compiled over 200 commonly used traditional formulas and has further added several dozen formulas from his own experience. This information is set out as ten Lectures, which follow this outline: Lecture 1 covers issues that one must pay attention to in clinically applying formulas. Lecture 2 discusses formulas that treat the qi, rectify the blood, and supplement and nurture. Lecture 3 discusses dispersing formulas, harmonizing formulas, and formulas that simultaneously treat the exterior and interior. Lecture 4 discusses wind-expelling formulas, cold-expelling formulas, and damp-expelling formulas. While Lecture 5 is about formulas that clear fire, disperse summerheat, and moisten dryness, Lecture 6 discusses phlegm-eliminating formulas, abductive-dispersing formulas, and offensive-precipitation formulas. Lecture 7 discusses ejecting formulas, astringing and securing formulas, and insect-killing formulas; Lecture 8 discusses heavy-settling formulas, toxin-resolving formulas, and cancer-preventing formulas; and Lecture 9 discusses commonly used gynecological and pediatric formulas. Lecture 10 introduces a few of Jiao's own empirical formulas.

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Ten Lectures on the Use of Chinese Formulas

ShuDe Jiao, Nigel Wiseman (Ed)

Paradigm Publications, softback, 640 pages

Author Jiao Shu-de, Nigel Wiseman
Publisher Paradigm Press
Number of Pages 624
Book Format Hardback
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