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The 5 Unspoken Secrets of Practice Success: An interactive breakthrough workshop with Alyssa Dazet

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28/09/2019 28/09/2019 London

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Practice building

Speaker(s) : After struggling through her first two years of practice, Alyssa finally figured out what makes a successful practice. She began coaching her fellow colleagues through her 6-figure acupuncturist model, which quickly spread to thousands of acupuncturists around the world. She now coaches full time and is on a mission to help you with the success of your practice as a means to mainstream Eastern medicine and heal the world.

Alyssa Dazet

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You can learn all the best marketing techniques, the most perfect point prescriptions, and all the business strategies in the world, but you can still be broke, struggling, scared, and have no idea what you’re doing. Or else, you may have finally have built a successful practice, with a full schedule and a healthy income, but you still feel uninspired, burnt out, exhausted, and questioning why you ever got into this in the first place. There’s more than meets the eye when building a successful acupuncture practice, and it’s not anything we learn about in school. Ever! There are five areas we need to master in order to become both a successful and a happy acupuncturist in the long-term. These are: Mindset Self-worth Self-care Ego Confidence You didn’t become an acupuncturist just to fill up your schedule, pay your bills, give good treatments, and take an occasional vacation. You were called to this profession to help educate our society about a medicine that can save their lives, to be of service in healing the planet, to plug into the ever-present abundance of the universe, and keep your vibration high so you can raise the vibrations of your patients, healing their bodies, minds, souls, and hearts. You became an acupuncturist to feel exhilarated, vibrant, and impactful. And when you understand these five unspoken areas of success, this is what you’ll create in your life. During this workshop, we’ll dive deep into these five areas through lecture, conversation, and 'accelerator seat coaching' (when you sign up, please email us to say if you would like to volunteer to be in the accelerator seat and receive one-on-one coaching from Alyssa in front of the class


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