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The Art of Needling with Qi

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24/04/2021 25/04/2021 Reading

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Point Location and Needle Insertion

Speaker(s) : Bill Ryan has studied qigong, tai chi, and related energy arts since 1980 with Daoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis. In 1992 Bill founded Brookline Tai Chi near Boston, USA which, under his direction, reached a peak enrolment of over 450 students. He now teaches qigong and practices qigong tuina bodywork. The approach to needling that he teaches is an adaptation of the approach used in qigong tuina, energy gates and channel work. Find out more about Bill at

Bill Ryan

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This 2-day course builds on our ability to feel qi and extends that skill into our needling. · Clinically it is essential for us to learn how to establish and maintain a qi-sensing state. Over time, this capacity helps us to diagnose clearly and to protect our own qi and prevent burnout. · The qi-sensing state means that we are neither sending out (giving away) our own qi nor drawing in our patent’s qi, · When needling with qi we hold our needle in the qi field surrounding our patient’s body near the selected point. We move the needle around slightly until we feel through the needle our qi connecting to the qi of the point. Then we are confident that we’ve located it precisely. · There is now a natural qi flow moving between and through the point and our needle. While maintaining our qi-sensing state at all times, we allow that flow to draw/guide the needle into the point in a very smooth, natural, and often painless manner. This can be done while using guide tubes or not. · By monitoring the interactions of our qi and the qi in the point we are able to know clearly when we have obtained deqi and also assess when a treatment is complete.


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