The Chinese Herbalist's Handbook

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The Chinese Herbalist's Handbook is a new tool for prescribing and modifying herbal formulas. This book makes the practice of herbs easily accessible toChinese medical practitioners and students. For practitioners who rely uponpatent herbal formulas, but would like to custom-tailor formulas to eachpatient's unique needs, this book demystifies the process, with instructions and exhaustive cross-referencing and indexing.


Part 1

Herbal Prescriptions According to Syndrome Differentiation

Lung Disharmonies

Wind Cold Invasion
Wind Cold
Wind Cold with Underlying Deficiency
Wind Heat Invasion
Wind Heat
Wind Heat with Underlying Deficiency
External Dryness Attacking the Lungs
Lung Qi Deficiency, Wei (defensive) Qi Deficiency
Lung Yin Deficiency
Phlegm Damp in the Lungs
Phlegm Heat in the Lungs

Heart Disharmonies

Heart Qi Deficiency
Heart Yang Deficiency
Heart Yin Deficiency
Heart Phlegm Accumulatior
Heart Phlegm Fire
Heart Blood Deficiency
Heart Blood Stagnation
Heart Fire
Collapse of Yang

Spleen Disharrnomes

Spleen Qi Deficiency
Spleen Qi and Blood Deficiency
Spleen Qi Deficiency with Damp
Spleen Yang Deficiency with Cold
Spleen Qi Sinking
Spleen Not Controlling the Blood

Stomach Disharmonies

Stomach and Spleen Qi Deficiency
Qi and Blood Stagnation in the Stomach
Food or Phlegm Stagnation in the Stomach
Cold or Yang Deficiency in the Stomach
Stomach Yin Deficiency
Stomach Fire
Parasites in the Digestive Tract

Liver Disharmonies

Liver Qi Stagnation
Liver Blood Stagnation
Liver Overacting on Spleen or Stomach
Liver Yin Deficiency
Liver Blood Deficiency
Cold in the Liver Channel
Damp Heat in the Liver and Lower Jiao
Liver Fire
Liver Yang Rising
Liver Wind

Gallbladder Disharmonies

Damp Heat in the Gallbladder
Deficiency in the Gallbladder

Kidney Disharmonies

Kidney Qi Deficiency
Kidney Yang Deficiency
Kidney Jing Deficiency
Kidney Yin Deficiency

Bladder Disharmonies
Lin Syndrome - Disorders of the Bladder

Large Intestine Disharmonies

Jin Ye (Body Fluid) Disharmonies

Accumulation of Tan Yin (Damp and Phlegm)
Accumulation of Ying (Water)

Six Divisions

Diseases in the Taiyang Stage
Diseases in the Shaoyang Stage
Diseases in the Yangming Stage
Diseases in the Yangming Fu (Organ) Stage
Diseases in the Yangming Jing (Channel) Stage
Diseases in the Taiyin Stage
Diseases in the Shaoyin Stage
Diseases in the Jueyin Stage

Four Stages

Heat in the Wei (Defensive) Level
Heat in the Qi Level
Heat in the Ying (Nutritive) Level
Heat in the Xue (Blood) Level

Internal Medicine Disharmonies and Miscellaneous Syndromes

Ob-Gyn/Menstrual Disorders
Pregnancy Disorders and Infertility
Wind Damp Bi - Syndrome
Blood Stagnation Due to Trauma
Toxic Heat
Summerheat Invasion
Open the Orifice, Coma
Tumor or Nodule Dissolving
Wind Attacking the Channels or Skin

Part 2

Clinical Quick Reference for Single Herbs

Herbs that Clear Exterior Conditions (Diaphoretics)
Herbs that Clear Heat
Herbs that Drain Downward
Herbs that Drain Damp (Diuretics)
Herbs that Resolve Phlegm and Stop Cough
Herbs that Expel Wind Damp (Anti-rheumatics)
Aromatic Herbs that Resolve Middle Jiao Damp
Herbs that Alleviate Food Stagnation
Herbs that Warm the Interior and Dispel Cold
Herbs that Regulate the Qi
Herbs that Regulate the Blood
Herbs that Tonify
Astringents Substances that Calm the Shen (Tranquilizers)
Herbs that Subdue Wind, Stop Tremors and Sedate Liver Yang
Aromatic Substances that Open the Orifices
Herbs that Expel Parasites (Anti-helminthics)
Substances For Topical Use

Part 3

Table of Herbal Preparation Procedures

Part 4

Herb Name Cross Reference

Cross Reference Keyed to Pinyin Names
Cross Reference Keyed to Botanical Names
Cross Reference Keyed to Pharmaceutical Names
Cross Reference Keyed to Common Names

Appendices A: Supplies Needed for a Start-Up Pharmacy
B: 175 Herbs for a Start-up Pharmacy
C: Suppliers of Chinese Herbs
D: Instructions for Cooking Loose Herbs



Pinyin - Formulas and Herbs
English - Formulas and Herbs
Disharmonies and Syndromes

More Information

Dagmar Ehling

Inword Press, 1996

765 pages


Author Dagmar Ehling
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Lotus Press
Number of Pages 792
Book Format Softback
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