The Clinical Medicine Guide - A Holistic Perspective

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This has been a favourite textbook of holistic practitioners for much of the last decade. It was first published in 1993 (as The Manual of Conventional Medicine for Alternative Practitioners) and provides clearly presented information about conventional medicine that is readily accessible and relevant in everyday practice. This new edition is completely revised and updated containing more cases, some treated by Chinese medicine and others treated by homoeopathy. These cases illustrate a healthy alternative to conventional treatment when dealing with disease and symptoms.

There are 19 Chapters covering every major organ system with dedicated Chapters on Philosophy, Pathological Processes, Investigations, Infectious Disease and Cancer. Each chapter discusses both holistic and conventional ideas of the system being presented. In addition, there are clear disease classifications that are tailored for the holistic practitioner.

The Clinical Medicine Guide - A Holistic Perspective is destined to become one of those classic reference texts that many people in the alternative health field, students and practitioners alike, will use time and time again. There is no doubt this deserves a place on every well-informed alternative practitioner’s bookshelf. It contains heaps of worthwhile information on western disease states and conventional medical treatment, as well as very good orientation and comments on alternative (read TM) management. The information provided is appropriate, comprehensive and accessible. I would recommend it as the basic text for the pathology and differential diagnosis components of western medical sciences taught in all courses of alternative medicine. It should be compulsory in TM courses. Perhaps the greatest attribute is the balance which is struck between comprehensive detail on the one hand, and clarity, clinical relevance and overall breadth of perspective on the other". Journal of Oriental Medicine, No 3, Spring 1994.

"There is no doubt that this book fills a longstanding need and thoroughly covers most conventional medical methods in manageable detail. Information is easy to access through a good index, the information given is up-to-date and largely written in non-technical English, it is a handy reference manual that will repay its cost many times over in everyday practice". The Journal of Osteopathic Education

"This is a book that has been begging to be written for a long time and could become a standard textbook at homoeopathic colleges" The Society of Homoeopaths Journal

"Dr. Gascoigne’s book fills the gap in current literature between orthodox medical knowledge and perspectives, and that which needs to be known by the prospective practitioner of healing. The philosophy of healing is understood in its universal application and this is woven into the fabric of the text. We use it as a basic text at The School of Homoeopathy" Misha Norland, The School of Homoeopathy

Basic pathological processes
Infectious disease
Cardiovascular system
Respiratory system
Urinary system
Musculoskeletal system
Special Senses
Gastrointestinal System
Central Nervous System
Endocrine System
Psychological Disorders
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Children's Health


Appendix One - Bibliography
Appendix Two - Liaison with other practitioners
Appendix Three - How to Recognise Serious Conditions
Appendix Four - Study guide to pathology and disease
Appendix Five -Pharmacology and Chinese medicine
Appendix Six - Pourquoi etudiez vous la medicin conventionelle?

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Stephen Gascoigne
Alternative Training, 2001
486 pages

Author Stephen Gascoigne
Publisher Jigme Press
Number of Pages 450
Book Format Softback
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