The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

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Explains how to achieve the core value system at the heart of Nourishing Destiny in clinical practice.

"Lonny Jarrett has written another book in his unmistakable style. In The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, he continues the message that Oriental medicine is not merely a technique, but an art that draws near when its core begins to resonate with the heart and spirit of the approaching student. He invokes respect for the ancient source of the medicine, including the Five Element lineage of his teacher J. R. Worsley, and correlates them to more recent philosophical trends favored by modern TCM, but it is the writing between the lines that carries the main pronouncement of this work: at a certain stage in every practitioner’s development, similar to a calligraphy student who is eventually done imitating the brush strokes of his predecessors, there is the need to soar and arrive at the heart of one’s own medicine.
While providing a tremendous amount of clinical information that is immediately applicable in a practicable realm, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine primarily transmits this message. In a sense, this work must be read as the autobiography of a master practitioner who shows us his roots, his growth process, and the amalgamation of Chinese medicine with everything he is, thinks, and knows—all in the spirit of inspiring us to do the same".
Heiner Fruehauf, Associate Professor
Department of Classical Chinese Medicine
National College of Naturopathic Medicine

"Lonny Jarrett's work opens up the spiritual dimension of the Chinese mode of healing. The book presents intriguing and potent methods of acupuncture in a clear and concise way, and provides an easily accessible resource for the dedicated practitioner. Based on in-depth experience and developed in great subtlety, it is a wonderful guide to the deeper mysteries of Chinese medicine, a veritable treasure trove of modern spiritual healing following the traditional Chinese vision".
Livia Kohn, Professor of Religion
Boston University

"An inspirational masterpiece"
Jeanne-Marie Gilbert
TCM World Newspaper


Part I
Chapter 1 The Nature of Shock
Chapter 2 Aggressive Energy
Chapter 3 Possession
Chapter 4 The Husband/Wife Imbalance
Chapter 5 Exit/Entry Blocks
Chapter 6 Exit/Entry Blockage of the Conception and Governor Vessels
Chapter 7 Akabane Imbalances
Chapter 8 The Umbilical Pulse
Chapter 9 Calming the Mind
Chapter 10 Removing Blocks with Chinese Herbs
Chapter 11 Other Blocks

Part II
Chapter 12 Cultivating the Five Elements
Chapter 13 Source Points
Chapter 14 Luo Points
Chapter 15 Xi-Cleft Points
Chapter16 Mu Points
Chapter 17 Shu Points
Chapter 18 Spirit Points
Chapter 19 Windows to Heaven
Chapter 20 Meeting Points

Part III
Chapter 21 Treatment Planning
Chapter 22 The Suggestive Process in Treatment
Chapter 23 Some Thoughts on the Nature of Acupuncture Points

Part IV
Chapter 24 Heart
Chapter 25 Small Intestine
Chapter 26 Bladder
Chapter 27 Kidney
Chapter 28 Heart Protector
Chapter 29 Three Heater
Chapter 30 Gallbladder
Chapter 31 Liver
Chapter 32 Lung
Chapter 33 Large Intestine
Chapter 34 Stomach
Chapter 35 Spleen
Chapter 36 Combinations

Part V

Chapter 37 Cognitive Styles in the Practice of Chinese Medicine

Appendix A Starting a Practice
Appendix B Needle Techniques
Appendix C The Meeting Points
Appendix D Resources


More Information

Lonny S. Jarrett
Spirit Path Press, 2004
828 pages

Author Lonny S. Jarrett
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Spirit Path Press
Number of Pages 828
Book Format hardback
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