Channel Palpation and the Utilisation of Classical Theory

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Six level channel theory, most commonly associated with the herbal classic Discussion of Cold Damage (傷寒論 Shang Hán Lùn), also lies at the core of traditional acupuncture theory. This article explores a unique technique for testing the applicability of such classical theory during acupuncture practice, which is drawn from the palpatory diagnostic approach of Professor Wang Ju‑Yi (Beijing). The acupuncture system advocated by the late Tung Ching‑Chang (Taiwan), for example, often utilises six‑level theory to create effective acupuncture prescriptions. By combining knowledge of this popular acupuncture approach with careful palpation of the channels, greater precision of diagnosis and treatment can be achieved. By combining classical theory with manual diagnosis, acupuncturists can resolve even the most complex pathologies. Two case studies are included to illustrate the method in practice.

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Author Jason D. Robertson and C.T. Holman
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