The Transmission of Chinese Medicine

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This is one of the first studies of traditional medical education in an Asian country. Conducting extensive fieldwork in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province in the People’s Republic of China, Elisabeth Hsu became the disciple of, a Qigong master a scholarly private practitioner, who almost wordlessly conveys esoteric knowledge and techniques; attended seminars given by a senior Chinese doctor, an acupuncturist and masseur, who plunges his followers into the study of arcane medical classics, and studied with students at the Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the standardised knowledge of official Chinese medicine is inculcated. Dr Hsu compares the theories and practices of these different Chinese medical traditions and shows how the same technical terms may take on different meanings in different contexts. This is a fascinating, insider’s account of traditional medical practices, which brings out the way in which the context of instruction shapes knowledge.


Note on Chinese terms
Introduction: ways of learning
1 The secret transmission of knowledge and practice
2 Qigong and the concept of qi
3 The personal transmission of knowledge
4 Interpreting a classical Chinese medical text
5 The standardised transmission of knowledge
6 Teaching from TCM texts
Discussion: styles of knowing
Appendix: Curriculum for TCM regular students and acumoxa and massage specialists
Glossary of medical and philosophical terms

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Elizabeth Hsu

Cambridge University Press, 1999

306 pages


Author Elizabeth Hsu
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Number of Pages 308
Book Format Softback
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