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The Treatment Of Disease In TCM Vol. 4: Diseases of the Neck, Shoulders, Back & Limbs

The Treatment Of Disease In TCM Vol. 4: Diseases of the Neck, Shoulders, Back & Limbs

This book is the fourth volume in this extremely popular series. In it, students and practitioners will find the disease causes and mechanisms, patterns, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal treatment of three dozen or more diseases affecting the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, arms and legs, hands and feet, fingers and toes. In this book, the reader will find everything from ridged fingernails to diabetic ulcers in addition to the diagnosis and treatment of numerous types of bodily pain.

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Shoulder Pain
Inability to Raise the Shoulder
Arm Pain
Back Pain
Back Cold
Back Heat
Spinal Column Pain
Sacrococcygeal Pain
Lumbar Pain
Lumbar Soreness
Lumbar Chilling & Heaviness
Limp Aching Low Back & Knees
Waist as if Girdled by a Rope
Aching & Pain in the Four Limbs
Numbness of the Four Limbs
Lower Limb Swelling & Distention
Wilting & Weakness of the Four Limbs
Hypertoni"city" of the Four Limbs
Pain & Swelling of the Knee Area
Lower Limb Swelling & Pain
Redness & Swelling of the Lower Limbs
Lower Limb Prominent Bluegreen Sinews
Numbness in the Fingers of the Hand
Distention in the Fingers of the Hand
Hypertoni"city" of the Fingers of the Hand
Tremors of the Hands
Pale White Fingertips
Cyanosis of the Fingertips
Dryness & Thickening of the Nails
Deformed Fingernails
Swelling & Pain of the Fingertips
Tibial Ulcers
Foot Pain
Shaking Feet
Swelling of the Back of the Feet
Toes Purple & Black
Chilly Hands & Feet
Sweating of the Hands & Feet
Stiff Neck
Neck Pain

Symptom Index


AuthorPhilippe Sionneau & Lu Gang
PublisherBlue Poppy Press
Number Of Pages288
Book Formatpaperback

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