The Treatment of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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JCM 104-33
Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a condition characterised by intolerance to chemicals commonly found in the modern environment. Symptom patterns are typically multi-systemic, ranging from neurological impairment to digestive and respiratory problems. The condition remains controversial among the biomedical community as basic research, diagnostic criteria and effective therapies are still in development, and it has become a legal and human rights issue due to patients experiencing health challenges from exposures in public spaces and workplaces. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is able to effectively respond to new diseases using a diagnostic system based on the discernment of system-level patterns of disharmony and therapeutic tools capable of restoring systemic dysregulation. With an understanding of MCS and its associated special requirements for patient management as outlined in this paper, TCM practitioners will be able to develop and apply an effective multi-modal treatment plan. Effective treatment of MCS requires specific in-clinic patient accommodations combined with patient lifestyle modification and appropriate treatment using acupuncture, herbal medicine, qi gong and/or nutrition.
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Author Michael P. Milburn
JCM Issue JCM 104-33
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