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Tie Guan Yin - 50g

  • Variety: Oolong 12% oxidisation
  • Origin: Hongxing Cun, Jiandou Zhen, An’xi Xian, China
  • Farmer: Wang Jing Sheng and Wang Geng
  • Trees: Refreshed cuttings from the original bushes passed down through ancestors
  • Elevation: 1000m
  • Harvest: April 2015
  • Taste: intoxicating bouquet, citrus, buttery, orchid, oak
  • Pairings: seafood, comte, almonds, fresh greens
  • Brewing: 90˚, 3g (2 tsp) per 200 ml, 30 sec, 4-5 infusions. Increase subsequent infusion times to taste.
  • Storage: airtight and in the freezer.




Gaiwan / Artisan Press / Yixing Tea Pot

The Wang Family use a gaiwan to brew their Tie Guan Yin in order to taste the unfurling of flavours with each infusion – remember the 3rd is usually the best. Warm and rinse your vessel and cups with boiled water. Place two teaspoons or 3g of tea into your vessel; a simple rule of thumb is that the leaves should generously cover the bottom. Add spring or filtered water at 95° or 30 seconds off the boil. Infuse 30 for seconds and pour into your cup(s). Remember to re-infuse 3-4 times, increasing steeping time to taste.



Peter likes to drink this tea by adding 2 healthy pinches of Tie Guan Yin to the bottom of a mug and filling it with spring or filtered water at 90° or 30 seconds off the boil. Wait 1 minute and drink. Refill your cup 2-4 times increasing infusion time to taste.



Tie Guan Yin was my first ‘favourite’ tea; the aroma is unforgettable and the taste is a light citrus with honey and a floral essence. It is the first tea I usually prepare for people who are just starting their tea journey. When I drink it now it is like visiting an old friend.


The kind hearted Mr. and Ms. Wang were introduced to me through my friend Linglong who went to University with their daughter. The Wangs live humbly in Jiandou Zhen in Anxi where true Tie Guan Yin originates. Mr. Wang's family have been farming Tie Guan Yin on the same10-acre parcel of land for more generations than he can remember - he for 50 years. In this village each farmer produces his own tea. Other families in the village will often work together for hand-picking but the actual processing happens in their homes.


The Wangs incredible generosity deserves a mention because their overflowing kindness made me reflect on the imbalance of giving. The Wang’s are hard working farmers; they have a humble home, and eat simply. When Linglong and I arrived they had driven 6 hours in a beat up van to pick us up at the nearest bus station. As we climbed further and further into the mountains I realised that they had really gone out of their way. We arrived in their remote village situated at the end of a long winding dirt road and were treated to a beautiful tea session, hours of talking about farming, life and family, and then treated to a meal fit for a king! They killed a goose that would have normally been saved for Chinese New Year or another special holiday. 


The Wangs had worked very hard to save enough money to send their only daughter to University and had not seen her in two years because it was too expensive for her to travel back to the village. This kindness offered was also in honour of her, that Linglong had come to say hello. We drank more tea after dinner, played cards, and then when I thought it was time for bed, Mrs.Wang called us into the kitchen for a second dinner! Linglong could not believe it; she knew that this treatment was for very special occasions. The second dinner was a selection of fish, noodles, and vegetables that had been in preparation for a long time. We drank homemade wine and toasted each other late into the night. There were tears of joy and endless laughter – a proper family gathering. Through this experience I was reminded that those who have the least give the most. A lesson for us all.


This Tie Guan Yin was picked and processed mid April of 2015. It has a very light roast honouring the fresh and aromatic essence that Tie Guan Yin is famous for. I cannot express enough the generosity and kindness that the Wangs showed me.


Guan Yin is the Goddess of compassion and mercy. Legend holds that she was a Buddhist who through great love, grace and sacrifice during her life earned the right to enter Nirvana after her death. She chose to stay with the people of earth and heal the hearts of the suffering. Guan Yin is found throughout Asia answering the prayers of those who invoke her presence. 

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