Chinese Herb 'Four Seasons' Immersion Course with JulieAnn Nugent-Head
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Miller's Way Project, Miller's Way, London, W6 7NH
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A CPD workshop exploring the Flavour & Nature of Chinese herbs across the seasons. 4 weekends quarterly throughout 2024

Speaker(s): JulieAnn Nugent-Head (MD China) spent 9 years studying in China with the last generation of pre-TCM practitioners. Her mission is to tangibly demonstrate the efficacy and simplicity of Chinese herbal medicine, bringing alive the clear structure underlying classical theory from the ShenNongBenCao Jing & Nei Jing through to the ShangHanLun. Her extensive online teaching platform also gives you access to the learning circle of ATS practitioners across Europe & the US, who are finding practical clinical solutions to modern illnesses.

JulieAnn Nugent-Head

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These four seminars (one for each season) are relaxed but focussed sessions run by JulieAnn Nugent-Head of ATS in the open kitchen of Miller’s Way clinic. They have been designed to reframe your whole understanding of herbal medicine and are ideal for either the experienced herbalist wishing to increase the scope of their work, or as a solid introduction for those planning to enrich their acupuncture skills with herbal study. This wonderful initiation into the flavour and nature of herbs will introduce you to a way of working with herbal medicine that has the potential to greatly improve your clinical results. ​

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Qualified herbalists looking to deepen their understanding of Chinese Herbal Medicine OR ​Acupuncturists interested in an introduction to herbal medicine for their own interest, for example to develop an understanding of food energetics (please note that attending this course does not qualify you as a herbalist).


Pricing The full cost for the four weekends is £1,500. However you can get significant discounts: £1,380 if you book early (limited availability) OR £1,240 if you book with a group of friends (min number of 5 required)

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