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Access to the full range of Chinese herbs and herbal products is restricted to registered practitioners, students of Chinese medicine and appropriately trained individuals.

Please note: if you have had trouble recently accessing this professional area, please logout of the website and log back in again

To request access to this area of the site just enter the details of the professional associations to which you belong or where you are studying when you register. If you are already registered but not as a practitioner, you can send us an email requesting an upgrade of your account with details of your training and/or details of professional association memberships to: [email protected]

Once  your request has been processed you will receive confirmation by email. We will get back to you as soon as possible but in order to ensure that requests are processed appropriately we decided against automomating this process, which means that we have to check and deal with each request ourselves. Please bear with us, we will be as quick as we can!

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