Acupuncture Needles

Quality guarantee

Your patients deserve the best. We source our products from reputable manufacturers that provide the highest quality, safe and reliable acupuncture needles. We provide a menu of options to cater for your needs and budget. All acupuncture needles in our product range (summarised below) have been selected for their high level of manufacture at affordable prices.

Choose reliable equipment that comes with the balance@JCM quality guarantee.

  • Seirin Needles

    SEIRIN acupuncture needles are made in Japan from Japanese surgical grade stainless steel wire. There are several different needles in the SEIRIN range, with light-weight plastic and metal handles.

  • CARBO Needles

    CARBO acupuncture needles are made of high tensile strength U.S. surgical stainless steel with an optimised needle tip profile for ultra smooth insertion and a light weight, non-tarnishing aluminium alloy handle.

  • Acurea Needles

    ACUREA needles are made in South Korea by one of Korea's leading medical manufacturing companies. The quality is one of the best you will come across in the UK. The needles are gamma ray sterilised, and packed to reduced waste so ideal for the environmentally conscious!

  • Dong Bang Needles

    DONG BANG are high quality Korean acupuncture needles, made with surgical grade stainless steel with automated grinding and polishing processes, which mean no human intervention.

  • Aculine Needles

    Aculine copper wire wound loop handle needles are manufactured to the same high quality standard as our other needle brands. Pyrogen free, consistently sharp needle tips make them the highest quality needle in its category.

  • Classic Needles

    The CLASSIC needle range is manufactured in China within a modern factory complying with standards which exceed European Medical Directive requirements. The needles are sterilised using ethylene oxide gas.

  • Tewa Acupuncture Needles

    Tewa needles are made in China under German supervision. Made of stainless steel tips and available in various presentations including single, cluster packs, detox packs, copper, steel and plastic handles.

  • Speciality Needles

    A range of speciality needles which includes Hand, Detox, bloodletting, intradermal, cosmetic etc.

  • Eaku Needles

    EAKU Acupuncture needles are made by Maanshan Bond Medical Instruments Co Ltd who specialise in the manufacturing of disposable sterile Acupuncture needles.

    Whether in terms of sharpness of tips, body polish or variety of handles, EAKU has it all.

  • Vinco Needles

    Historically the most popular needle sold throughout Europe but had been absent from the market for a few years. We are pleased to reintroduce this brand direct from the original manufacturer. Beware there are imitations of this brand on sale which are inferior.

  • AcuGlide

    The fine needle of supreme quality. An innovatively engineered needle with extraordinary features.

  • Guide Tubes (for ECO range of needles)

    We offer a full range of guide tubes sizes both Bamboo and Plastic to help practitioners manage their guide tube requirements whilst also looking after the planet.

"Aren't all acupuncture needles all the same?"...

There has been a rapid growth and expansion of traditional Chinese medicine in primary health care. Concurrently, we have seen a plethora of new products coming on to the market. With so many to choose from, it's a minefield for practitioners to navigate their way through - and aren't all acupuncture needles the same?

The answer is ‘NO’ You get what you pay for. Acupuncture needles are priced according to their standard of production and manufacturing. All acupuncture needles meet the agreed minimal requirements meaning that they are sterile in their packaging. However, inferior brand needles may have damaged or off-centre tips and high levels of particulate matter on the needle shaft, not visible to the naked eye. This may increase the risk of patient discomfort, pain, bleeding and possible infection.

Quality, sharpness and ease of insertion vary greatly and depend on the:

  • type and quality of materials used
  • sharpening methods
  • methods of sterilisation
  • cleanliness of packaging rooms and handling
  • quality control standards at each level of manufacturing

These factors combined will determine the needle quality and ultimately your patient's experience.

An acupuncture needle is a powerful tool. Choose one you can rely on, from a supplier you can trust. balance@jcm provide you with high quality, safe and reliable acupuncture needles, at great prices.