Acupuncture facilitates change in health behaviours

Findings from a study by a team of UK researchers suggest that behaviour change work is a significant part of traditional acupuncture practice. Seventy-nine articles that explored some aspect of health behaviour change within traditional acupuncture were selected for inclusion, and authors reviewed these using methods from systematic critical interpretive synthesis. Aspects of acupuncturists' work identified as key elements for promoting behaviour change included: individualised advice based on symptoms; holistic/biopsychosocial explanations of patient conditions; beneficial aspects of the therapeutic relationship; simultaneous treatment of behaviour-limiting symptoms; and patients' physical involvement with the intervention. A logic model of the process of behaviour change was developed, proposing that perceived support, mutual understanding, and active participation in treatment may facilitate change.

Lifestyle and Health Behavior Change in Traditional Acupuncture Practice: A Systematic Critical Interpretive Synthesis. J Altern Complement Med. 2021 Mar;27(3):238-254.