ASP needles can get lost in ear canal

A report by an American author describes the first recorded instance of an Aiguille Semi-Permanente (ASP) needle becoming lost in a patient's external auditory canal (EAC). The patient had undergone auricular ASP needle insertion as part of their complex regional pain syndrome treatment. Six weeks later, the patient reported feeling slightly dizzy at times and a sensation of something being lodged in their ear canal. The patient's vital signs were normal, and an otoscopic examination revealed a yellow reflection from the base of the tympanic membrane, where a gold ASP needle was discovered. A normal saline flush was used to remove the needle, and the TM and EAC were found to be normal. While the authors note that this event is rare, they recommend that acupuncturists be aware of the possibility and examine the EAC if patients complain of a foreign-body sensation, hearing unusual sounds, or persistent discomfort or dizziness.

Semi-Permanent Ear (Aguille SP) Needle "Migration" into the External Auditory Canal. Med Acupunct. 2023 Feb 1;35(1):48-50.