Asthma cases

After 2 years of occidental medicine treatment with bronchodilators, antinflamatories, twice a day therapy and two tablets of singulair. Acupuncture treatment was administered and all medication was removed, pulmonary function test showed an increase of FV1 by 18 %.. After a year of acupuncture treatment twice a week, no atacks have been expirienced and no medication taken. For QA, Qc and validation, pulmonary function test have been performed every two months and stability of the condition has prevailed according to results. This patient has suffered in the past acute chemical pneumonia, acute asthma and chronic bronchitis due to exposure during his career. MRI were performed prior to acupuncture were a brochio spasm was diagnosed, and no response to albuterol aerosols was obtained. Acupunture treatment has been the following: L-7.L1,L2,St.40 twice every two days for a month initially and same treatment twice a week for a year as maintenance therapy with the reported results.
Moxa has been applied occasionally as alternate to acupuncture in L1, L2. Agustin A. Ruiz-Guardiola studied acupuncture in the school of medicine, and has been treating myself, I am the patient. By profession ,Chemist speciallized in critical raw materials and toxic chemicals. Expert in handling chlorine leaks and other chemicals.

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