Laserpuncture for a spine lipoma case

Elisa was born in September 1996 with a spine lipoma located in the coccygeal area which may be considered as a Spina Bifida related case. After some corrective surgery to reduce the lipoma and correct an equine foot, the main implications of Elisa's lesion have been bladder and bowel dysfunction, underdevelopment of the left leg and a pressure sore in her left foot at the BL-64 point level, with lack of sensation below the ankle. A holistic approach was attempted to improve her general condition. Due to parents (and girl) reluctance to needle or moxa, a low energy laser (660-680 nano-m wavelength, 5 nW, continuous pulse, 1 minute/point) was chosen for the treatment, and a commercial electric probe was also used to treat the pressure sore.


  • Treatment A (bowel management): BL-31, 32, 33, 34
  • Treatment B (atrophy disorder of the leg): ST-31, 36, 41; replaced by GB-30, 34, 40
  • Treatment C (neurogenic bladder): BL-28, 64; LIV-3, 4; LI-3
  • Treatment D (pressure sores, I): D.1.- Electroacupuncture: The probe is placed at 0.5 cm intervals, 0.5 cm from the edge of the wound applying minimal pressure, 1 minute/point. D.2.- Laser: As many points to cover the sore but not more than 3, 1 minute/each.
  • Treatment E (pressure sores, II): contralateral (SI-3, 4 and the middle point in between). Also, daily massage to improve circulation in the leg with a cream based on Aesculus, Ginkgo and Ruscus.

Cycle of treatments

Alternate days: A, D, B, E, C, D, A, E, B, D, C, E, A, D, B, E, C Rest 5 days and repeat. * Results: A general improvement in the girl's condition was found. However, remission of problems were found after three weeks of stopping the cycle, specially for the bowel dysfunction. Due to this, general treatment has been continuous by the last four months. The general state of her left leg seems to be satisfactory, maintaining about 1 cm shortness of the tibia and low muscular mass below the knee. About the neurogenic bladder, the girl does not keep dry because of involuntary tremors, which suggest to try a different approach like scalp acupuncture for coreas, etc. Pressure sore is recurrent and unbeaten, showing a coincidence between the treatment and the hurt area: ulcer is smaller while treated. Bowel management has been the more rewarding experience. Apart from setting a behaviour program (diet, exercise and scheduling for meals and toileting), laser acupuncture has shown a great coincidence between the treatment and the drop of the rate of incontinence accidents, going from daily to just occasional during the month.