Seemingly difficult cases cured with acupuncture

Severe headache; paraplegia; cerebral palsy; tuberculosis of left hip joint; changes in the cuada equina postnatal psychosis; torticollis; herniation of L3/4; fracture of the ulna. Name of the patient: Mr. Desai Age: 62 yrs Problem: This patient had severe headache. He could not sleep properly in any position. He could not use any type of pillow. He had tried all types of soft pillows but he could not sleep comfortably with them. His BP & Diabetes were kept under control with allopathic tablets. He lost interest in life and could not come out of his house without the support of family members. After proper inquiry it was reveled that there was a theft in his house which led to fear complex. Another important information was a trauma on the head near point DU -20, about which he had forgotten i.e. he has been hit with an SS tap in the bathroom. Treatment: Acupuncture for headache totally failed. It was then thought that there could be blood stagnation at or near point DU-20. Bloodletting was carried out using lancets 1-2cc blood was let out. Result: Patient was completely cured within one treatment. Follow up was done for 2 years without a relapse.

Name of the patient: Mrs. Nagle Age: 65 Years Problem: This woman was suffering with paraplegia since 6 months. Her condition was very bad, as she was not able to walk, turn in bed etc. A catheter was also used, as she did not have control of bladder. Her posture was completely changed due to long illness. According to the diagnosis she had suffered from viral attack on the Spinal cord at the level of D4 to D7. Treatment: It was decided to attack the problem of bladder at first as this was very troublesome and caused disturbance to all the family members. Points of REN channel were selected and Moxa was applied for 20 minutes for 8days followed by needling of the same areas. The catheter was removed after 15 days. There was no problem of bladder evacuation. Patient was very happy as the main hindrance in the healing process was removed. The points along the affected areas near to D4 D7 were punctured for 20 days. The patient was asked to take a walk for the first time. It was to everybody's surprise that the patient started walking very slowly. This crated a good environment. This was very important, as everybody was very anxious. Points on the Auricle also improved the condition of the patient to a great extent. Thus we can see that acupuncture can help even a worst case like paraplegia. Summary of the points used. Du20, Ex.6, Li4, 11,GB30, UB54, UB40,ST36,32,25, Ren12,5,3, Extra 21's Scalp Points Area 4. Auricular points Spine, kidney and AH shi points. The duration of the treatment was around three months.

Name of the patient: Master Kunal Complaint: This small boy was suffering from disability due to cerebral palsy. He had scissorgate. There were many white pimples on his ears. He was very sad and cried a lot. He was always crawling and was unable to walk atall. Generally he developed epileptic fits almost every month.Gardinal was a choice of treatment. Neurologists Opinion: Here I would like to honestly point out as to why the popularity of modern medicine and the people who are practicing it is going down. This neurologist told the parents of the child that "they should some how discard their child as there was no remedy for his disorder". I was stunned to listen to this. I told the parents that there was still hope and there was no reason to worry. Treatment: Standard formula treatment was started every ten to fifteen days. Points used were sedative points to control the attack of fits. Motor points on the hand and foot were also used to create a change in the scissors gate. Result: After six months of above treatment there was a considerable improvement. He developed confidence in the treatment and the first sign of improvement was, he stopped crying His episodes of fits stopped and slowly he could stand erect. After a treatment of ten months he could walk on his own without the support of anybody. He was given manipulative treatment after acupuncture. Now the patient goes to school and he is fairing well. He very rarely gets an attack of epilepsy, which can be easily controlled with a sedative drug injection. This may happen only once in a year. As far as parents are concerned the patient is as good as cured.

Name of the patient: Master Sachin Phadtare. Age: 14 years Problem: This patient complained pain in the left foot. He was limping on the affected side. After general inquiry in to the history of the patient, it was observed that the patient was not properly diagnosed. He had an evening rise of fever. MRI scanning showed the presence of Tuberculosis in the left hip joint. Hehad lost weight by 5Kg's Lack of appetite. I began the acupuncture treatment first to bring back his appetite and also to control pain while walking. Points were selected and on day Two the patient vomited lots of cough. He regained the sense of hunger after this vomiting. He was then sent to a good doctor for the treatment of Tuberculosis of the hip joint. After continuing the treatment for six months, he was declared cured.
Points used were DU14 ,Li4,Li11.

Name of the Patient: Miss Sanjana Pawar Age: 11 Months Problem: This little girl was not able to touch her left foot on the ground. Whenever she used to stand up using some support, she used to invert her left foot. There was a lump near lumbar region. I advised the parents of the girl to perform CAT SCAN. The CAT SCAN revealed that there were some changes in the Cuada Equina. The spinal cord was tithered in that region. I decided to do acupuncture on this little girl. Treatment: Points were chosen near the affected foot. Point K3, SP6 were punctured and current of adjustable type was passed The girl did not cry or shout. Other sets of points were St36, GB34, and Du3.
Result After fifteen days this girl showed first signs of improvement. Now she could touch the foot on the ground. She was then given a traditional type of treatment. She was kept in a sand bath everyday for thirty minutes. At present this girl is almost normal as far as her foot is concerned. The size of the foot is smaller than the right foot.

Name of the Patient: Age: 27 Years. Problem: This young married woman had just delivered a baby girl. The baby was premature and could not suck the milk. The mother developed milk knots in the breast and was very painful. The doctors gave her an injection to stop the milk secretion. In this situation the mother developed post delivery Pchycosis. She started hating the little girl and also tried to commit suicide. The family of this woman called on me. As a first aid treatment I decided to calm the patient through sedation technique. Treatment: Points Du20 and Ex6 were bled. This gave a great relief to the patient on day one itself. Points H7, P7, ear shenmen, was also punctured. Treatment was continued with counseling. Result: The patient is now considered cured.

Name of the patient: Mr. Kothavale Problem: Chronic Torticolitis: This patient was in a very bad state of health. His neck was tilted to one side because of which he had great difficulty in walking straight. His right hand was always coming up while walking. His face appeared as if he was smiling all the time. Treatment: Chiropractic treatment did not give him any improvement even after six months. He was then referred to acupuncture. He was given a mixed type of treatment consisting of foot reflexology, SU_JOK correspondence, Yoga, and mudra therapy. Tiny su-jok moxibuction helped him to recover faster. Total time of the treatment was three months. He was declared cured afterwards. Name of the patient: Mr. Deodhar Problem: Difficulty in walking. This problem arose suddenly and the patient was surprised at it. The patient was hospitalized and all sorts of tests were done including scans. The doctors could not come to any conclusion about the problem. Acupuncture was started and within a span of four days, the patient was declared as cured. Treatment: The hitch was that the doctors had overlooked a massive lateral herniation of the L3 L4 disc. This was causing pressure on the nerve root causing loss of myelin sheath. Acupuncture points near this area were punctured and result was obtained. Follow-up for two years did not show any problem.

Name of the Patient: Master Deshmukh Problem: This little master had a fracture of the ulna. His hand was kept in the plaster for two months and when the plaster was removed, it was found that he could not move his elbow and there was wrist palsy. This boy was very naughty, and did not co-operate during the treatment.