Treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy with acupuncture


A boy of four years old


A known case of muscular dystrophy


Acupuncture points LI11 and GB34 were punctured every day for twenty days and a gap of ten days was given The treatment was given for three months and the following results were obtained. CPK value before the treatment - 29500
CPK value after the first session of twenty days - 21000
CPK value after the second session of twenty days - 19000
CPK value after the third session of twenty days - 15000
Points were punctured bilaterally in the third session

The patient was at this stage when this report was typed and he was getting up from the ground much better way than before and was able to touch his heels to the ground.

This boy mentioned is still receiving the acupuncture treatment and has improved further. He can now get up from the sitting position with much ease and does not fall down easily. His anger and hyperactivity has come down too.His blood analysis for CPK value shows slightly higher values of 2000 to 4000. These values are not anyway proportional to the symptoms and progress which he shows.

Kiran Phalke