Professional Diploma in Fractal and Taoist Acupuncture
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Co.Mayo Ireland
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Speaker(s): Steve Rogers presents the material acquired from over 30 years experience. Having served a traditional apprenticeship with Dr. Zude Ye, the originator of Fractal Acupuncture. Steve now maintains the 400 year old family lineage.

Steve Rogers

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A professional qualification in Fractal and Taoist acupuncture. 6 in person and 6 online weekends over 12 months. Modules include Golden Mean acupuncture - Tao of the Single needle. Chrono-therapeutic Acupuncture. Yi Jing Acupuncture.


All details are on the websites. There is the option of accommodation onsite.

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All details are on website and

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Beginners or Post graduates looking to add another dimension to their practice.


Euro 3260 for complete course. (or 360 per individual module for existing practitioners)

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