Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis with Laser Acupuncture

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JTCM March 1995 48/41
Chen Chao et. al.

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Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis with Laser Acupuncture

Chen Chao et. al.

This study compares the treatment of 122 cases of chronic prostatitis by laser acupuncture (76 cases) and needle acupuncture (46 cases). Main points were Ciliao BL-32, Baihuanshu BL-30 and Prostate Gland point located 1-2 cm anterior to the anus and needled laterally towards both sides to a depth of 5 cm. Additional points were selected according to differentiation as follows. i. Qi stagnation and blood stasis: Zhongliao BL-33, Xialiao BL-34 and Sanyinjiao SP-
6. ii. Damp-Heat type: Zhongji REN-3, Yinlingquan SP-9 and Shuidao ST-28. iii. Kidney qi xu type: Shenshu BL-23 and Qihai REN-6. iv. Kidney yang xu type Mingmen DU-4, Yaoyangguan DU-3 and Guanyuan REN-4. v. For severe lumbar pain: Shenshu BL-23 and Dachangshu BL-
25. vi. For severe anal and perineal pain: Chengshan BL-57. The laser was administered by a new model He-Ne instrument using a specially designed photofiber needle inserted into the points with laser light then introduced. There was significant difference in the results from the two groups. In the laser group, 45% were cured (against 24%), 38% markedly effective (against 28%), 15% improved (against 44%) and 3% ineffective (against 4%). The laser group also showed a recurrence rate after two years of 10% as against 25% for the needling group.

JTCM March 1995

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