The Effect of Acupuncture at Weiguanxiashu (M-BW-12) on Glycaemic Control

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This article is a summary of a study investigating the effect of acupuncture at the extra point Weiguanxiashu M-BW-12 in the control of blood sugar levels. The sample consisted of 15 healthy adults who underwent acupuncture interventions after consuming 200 millilitres of pear juice, one month apart; the control intervention consisted of sham acupuncture at Weiguanxiashu, whilst the experimental intervention involved verum needling at the same acupoint. Blood glucose levels were measured three times, at 0, 15 and 30 minutes after juice consumption. The results showed that blood glucose levels were significantly lower in the experimental group following treatment, suggesting that acupuncture at Weiguanxiashu may be effective in controlling blood glucose levels. The complete report of the study is available by contacting the author.
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Author Joana Martins Coelho
JCM Issue JCM126/63
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