The Diagnostic Dance

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The Diagnostic Dance
Dr Qin Bo-Wei (1901-1970) was renowned for his clinical skills and had a pragmatic approach to clinical practice without being restricted to any one school or style and was able to synthesize complex and often contradictory theories into clear systematic ideas. Dr Qin was critical of the direction TCM took under Mao Zedong, which aimed to integrate Chinese Medicine into the Western Medical model, and believed that Chinese medicine should be rooted in the Chinese Medical Classics. The following case history is a transcription of a case presented by Jason Blalack in his Pearls of Chinese Wisdom Webinar: Writing Precise Prescriptions with Qin Bo Wei's 56 Methods. A video of the case history can be found at Simon Plant
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Author Jason Blalack
JCM Issue RCHM Journal Spring 2015
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