Neck and Shoulder Pain: The Levator Scapulae Muscle

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The levator scapulae muscle frequently contributes to neck and shoulder pain, yet is often overlooked by
acupuncturists. A jingluo (channel) approach to pain often leads to treatment of the para-spinal muscles along
the Bladder channel and the taut bands of the upper trapezius along the Gall Bladder channel. However, a small
portion of the Small Intestine channel lies on the levator scapulae muscle in the region of Jianwaishu SI-14 and
Jianzhongshu SI-15. Stagnation in this area is often missed by practitioners due to general pain and spasm of the
neck and shoulder region. This article summarises the diagnosis and assessment of levator scapulae dysfunction
so that this common site of stagnation may be effectively treated.
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Author Whitfield Reeves
JCM Issue JCM 94-5
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