Chinese Medical Characters 5: Treatment Vocabulary

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Chinese medical knowledge has been evolving for millennia, and its pearls of wisdom are distributed throughout thousands of texts. Since the English literature of Chinese medicine is comparatively limited, many students elect to study Chinese language to deepen their knowledge of the subject. In addition to gaining access to endless written resources, students and practitioners who develop Chinese language skills tend to enjoy diverse options for advanced study, employment, and personal development in the field of Chinese medicine.

In recognition of the crucial need to facilitate access to Chinese medical texts, Paradigm has developed a series of language resources for the study of traditional medical Chinese. This fifth and final text in the series, Treatment Vocabulary, provides an in-depth look at the most commonly used characters in the field of clinical therapy. In this book, readers will gain familiarity with the script, strokes, meaning, usage, and pronunciation of the most common characters that comprise a typical treatment vocabulary. Often, these names provide additional insights into the methods and actions themselves. Students and practitioners will find the therapeutic focus of this text a valuable resource for expanding their familiarity with the clinical language of Chinese medicine.

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Author Nigel Wiseman, Zhang Yuhuan
Publication Date 1 Jan 2014
Publisher Paradigm Publications
Number of Pages 224
Book Format Paperback
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