Gua Sha, 2nd Edition

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The much-anticipated second edition of Arya Nielsen’s groundbreaking book on Gua sha, an essential modality of traditional East Asian medicine:  

Gua sha, a Traditional Technique for Modern Practice is the definitive text on Gua sha revised to include a literature review of evidence from the Chinese language as well as English language database giving an overview of the current uses of Gua sha in clinical practice in Asia and the West. The biomechanism of Gua sha’s persisting anti inflammatory and immune effect is detailed as well as the mechanism of unidirectional press stroking on fascia and connective tissue and their relationship with ancient channels of Chinese medicine.

Gua sha has been used for centuries in Asia, in Asian immigrant communities and by acupuncturists and practitioners of traditional East Asian medicine worldwide. With the expansion of traditional East Asian medicine, Gua sha has been used over broad geographic areas and by millions of people. Gua sha is valuable in the treatment of pain and for functional problems with impaired movement, the prevention and treatment of acute infectious illness, upper respiratory and digestive problems, and many acute or chronic disorders.

This book brings the technique alive for practitioners, with clear discussion of ‘how to Gua sha’ - including correct technique, appropriate application, individualization of treatment - and when to use it, with superb colour photographs and line drawings that demonstrate the technique as well as over 50 case examples.

The book also demonstrates immediate and significant Tongue changes as a direct result of Gua sha that will make every practitioner want to examine the Tongue with fresh perspective. 


New chapter on immediate and significant Tongue changes as a direct result of Gua sha

Research and biomechanisms

Literature review from Chinese language as well as English language medical journal database

New case studies

Over 30 colour photographs

‘Sometimes called coining, spooning or scraping, Gua sha is defined as instrument-assisted unidirectional press-stroking of a lubricated area of the body surface that intentionally creates transitory therapeutic petechiae representing extravasation of blood in the subcutis.’

Foreword vii
Preface ix
Acknowledgements xi

1. Counteraction: the crisis is the cure 1
2. Path of Qi 17
3. San Jiao 29
4. Gua Sha 43
5. Application of Gua Sha 53
6. Treatment of specific disorders 79
7 Cases 89

Appendix A: List of acupuncture points by number name 151
Appendix B: Directions for adjunct therapies 155
Appendix C: List of addresses 157

Glossary of Terms 159
References 163
Index 165

More Information

A. Nielsen

Churchill Livingstone, 1995

paperback, 166 pages

Author Arya Nielsen
Publisher Churchill Livingstone
Number of Pages 166
Book Format Softback
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