Introduction to English Terminology of Chinese Medicine

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This book was first published in Taiwan to teach Chinese medical English to Chinese students. The present U.S. edition provides English-speaking students a useful introduction to the concepts of Chinese medicine and to the English terminology described in greater detail in A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine (Paradigm Publications, 1998). It is particularly suitable for those beginning to learn Chinese medicine after having studied Chinese, and for those who wish to master the English terminology for the purposes of translation.
Over 800 commonly used Chinese terms are organized in thematic order. Each English term is followed by the corresponding Chinese term in simplified and complex characters, as well as Pinyin transcription. The pronunciation of the English term is given in Kenyon & Knott transcription for the benefit of non-English speakers. The definitions and clinical significance of terms are written entirely in English. At the end of each chapter, there are exercises which not only provide activities for students to do in class or at home, but also furnish teachers with examples for examination questions.

Three appendixes contain answers to the quizzes, present the most important characters (with examples of their usage), and teach Taiwanese students the PRC Pinyin system.

Nigel Wiseman, a native of Great Britain, received his bachelor's degree in Spanish and German interpreting and translation in 1976 from Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh and his doctorate in 2000 from the University of Exeter. He has lived in Taiwan for the last sixteen years, where he teaches Chinese medical English at Chang Gung University. He is the author of a number of Chinese medical works including Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine, and An English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary of Chinese Medicine.
Feng Ye, a native of Taiwan, graduated from the Chinese Medical School of China Medical College, Taiwan, in 1994. He received his master's degree from the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences in 1997 and holds R.O.C. licenses in both Chinese and Western medicine. Currently, he is chief resident doctor in the Chinese Internal Medicine Department of Chang Gung University Hospital and a lecturer in Chinese medical diagnostics. His special fields are pulse theory, the Shang Han Lun, and acupuncture.


1. Basic Concepts 2.
Channels and Network Vessels 3.
Five Viscera and Six Bowels 4.
Four Examinations 5.
Diseases 6.
Patterns 7.
Principles and Methods of Treatment 8.
Chinese Pharmaceutics 9.


Appendix I: Pinyin and Pronunciation
Appendix II: Conversion of Phonetic Symbols to Pinyin
Appendix III: Single Characters
Appendix IV: Key to Questions
Appendix V: Term List

More Information

Nigel Wiseman & Feng Ye

Paradigm, 2002

464 pages


Author Nigel Wiseman & Feng Ye
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Paradigm Press
Number of Pages 464
Book Format Softback
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