Japanese Acupuncture: A Clinical Guide

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This text is a practical guide to the tools, skills, and techniques common to all acupuncture practice with an emphasis on those that are uniquely or creatively Japanese. It is clear, direct, and completely illustrated with high resolution close-up photography. The instructions are simple and concise so they may be easily applied to the practice of any acupuncture tradition.

Beginning with traditional needling techniques, the text covers filiform needling, supplementation and drainage, needle with moxa - all with several approaches. Moxibustion is covered to an equally great extent and detail, as are instruments, intradermal needles, press tack needles and spheres.

In addition to highly specialized Japanese techniques such as shonishinpo (treatment techniques for children) and the Manaka wooden hammer and needle technique, therapies like cupping that are used throughout Asia are described in full detail. This book is more than just a fine collection of practical instruction. The introduction provides context through a brief but very accessible tour of modern Japanese training and practice that includes a highly useful guide to root treatment. Each of the techniques is also made more valuable by the description of treatment protocols with proven histories of successful clinical application.

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Author Stephen Birch and Junko Ida
Publication Date 1 Jan 2011
Number of Pages 348
Book Format Softcover
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